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“From Minor to Major”

The respected news weekly, The Economist, recently published a special section exploring how “Hispanics are transforming the definition of what it means to be a mainstream American.”
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“What‘s the Difference Between Hispanic, Latino, and Spanish?”

While sometimes used interchangeably, the words Hispanic, Latino and Spanish all have very different meanings. This pithy video by Kat Lazo helpfully explains what those differences are.
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“Hispanic and Latino Identity Is Changing”

In this brief essay, Mark Hugo Lopez, the director of Hispanic Research at the Pew Research Center, discusses the fluid nature of U.S. Hispanic and Latino identity.
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American Latinos and the Making of the United States

A recent National Park Service project, American Latinos and the Making of the United States tells the story of American Latinos and the integral role they play in the “history, culture, and politics of the United States.”
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Latino Americans

In 2012, PBS broadcast Latino Americans, “the first major documentary series for television to chronicle the rich and varied history and experience of Latinos” in the United States. You can watch individual episodes online.
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”Rita Moreno reflects on life as an entertainer, stereotype roles in Hollywood”

Minorities and women have long been underrepresented in Hollywood. In this clip from 2013, Rita Moreno (a Emmy, Grammy, Tony and Oscar winner!) discusses her challenges and experiences in the industry.
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The Impact of Slowing Immigration: Foreign-Born Share Falls Among 14 Largest U.S. Hispanic Origin Groups

While a majority of the nation’s Latino population can trace their family ancestry to Mexico, this Pew Research report reveals that U.S. “Latinos trace their roots to every part of Latin America.”
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Notable Latinos

We've compiled a list of notable Latino-Americans to highlight the contributions of Latinos to various parts of American culture and society. The content of the list is broad but by no means comprehensive.
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Scholarship Opportunities

View our list of scholarship opportunties for students.
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